An exploration… We start at the English Bridge and walk along the riverbank, downstream, then head back along the canal path. The canal’s long gone, but the Canal Tavern’s still there. Along the way, we pass the ‘Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings’ – the main building, dating from 1797, is the grandfather of skyscrapers, apparently. Passing over the railway station on the unusual Dana footbridge, we return to the riverbank, crossing the river by the Welsh Bridge and the Porthill footbridge. The Porthywaen Silver Band are playing a Welsh medley (Men of Harlech and Myfanwy, among others) at the Quarry bandstand. We move on through the quieter backstreets to return to the English Bridge and back to the car – home for tea!

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On this day…

Not everything appears on the blog, for all kinds of reasons. On 9 April 2017, we enjoyed a trip to Shrewsbury, primarily to visit the pumping engines at Coleham, in steam and open to the public. Out the back, there are railways – small and very small! – and a fine view of the English Bridge. Before we left home, I appear to have taken some photographs of tulips – someone gave us the bulbs the previous autumn. After the pumping engines, we visited the Quarry garden – more tulips! – and returned to the car through the centre of Shrewsbury. We passed over the railway station on the Dana, which offers a good view of the Buttermarket – a former canal-age warehouse. Now serving as an “entertainment venue”, it was gleaming under recently-applied white paint.

Coleham Pumping Station

(There is a blog entry for 9 April 2017 – but it relates to a walk the previous day)


Front seats at the top

Two weeks ago we saw a red ex-London Transport bus in Ironbridge (see The Wharfage and the bridges). Not a common sight in these parts! ““, it said on the front. We’d better look into that… It turns out that they are running “sightseeing trips” between Shrewsbury and Ironbridge, on Wednesdays in August. The next Wednesday was wet. Today, the weather’s much better, so we’re off to Shrewsbury on the normal bus service. We’ll enjoy a light lunch before joining the 2.20 departure from the Square, by the old market hall. The route back to Ironbridge is very familiar, but it’s great to look out at the passing scene, from the front seats at the top… At Ironbridge there’s around 45 minutes to wait for the service bus home (we could have walked, but…) – perfect for tea and cakes.

Regional Transport of Shrewsbury


Steam in the evening

Saturday 4 May continued… Tricky! The sun was shining brightly, almost straight behind 7029 “Clun Castle” (returning from Llandudno), but there wasn’t really time to find a better spot. One of those occasions where some thin high cloud would have made things easier. Nearly an hour later, 34052 was homeward-bound near Battlefield. It was on time, so I can’t complain, but the sun was on the horizon. If it had been five minutes early…

Lazing at Attingham

The deer, that is. They seem to be taking it easy this afternoon. But never mind the deer, look what’s parked outside, taking a drink at the Mytton and Mermaid. Those ploughing engines, on their way to the steam rally at Onslow Park, use a lot of water. (I suspect their crews were ready for refreshment too). Elsewhere at Attingham, there are signs of the advancing season. Autumn’s approaching, and the apples and pears in the walled garden look juicy, despite the dry summer.

Attingham Park NT