A brighter morning

… but it’s all downhill from here: lots of rain to come during the next few days. It’s also mostly – and gently – downhill to the sheep field, a couple of miles along the lane. Beyond, it would be steeply downhill to the river (and we’d have to come back up again!), so we’ll pay our respects to the sheep, then turn back. As we return, the clouds are gathering – much more grey than blue now.

More weather

Late afternoon: the morning’s rain has stopped, and we’re squeezing in a quick leg-stretch. I’m taking the camera, but I probably won’t use it…
…until the cloud begins to break up, and patches of blue sky appear as the afternoon nears its end. Every day is different.

Benthall and back

A circular walk from home on a bright and sunny afternoon, perfect for an interesting outing with plenty of variety. The sky is a subject in its own right today. At the Haycop a very cheeky robin is eager to pose for me. Later, the light is fading and becoming golden as we pass Benthall Hall and its picturesque little church. In a swampy pool nearby a crocodile lurks, waiting for its next meal. (I blame global warming)