A long thin walk…

…on Wenlock Edge. It’s not very long – just under four miles. Thin? A glance at the map reveals all. Our return route parallels our outward route, but outwards we’re in the woods below the Edge, and returning we’re on the Edge – there are views! There’s barely any sunshine today – until the last few minutes when the sun lights the fields on the eastern Edge, with Brown Clee for a backdrop

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Highlanders and a goldcrest

They come in brown and black – the hielan coos, that is. The sheep are all black too. The goldcrest was an unexpected treat (sorry, no photos – he was never still for more than a second, but a pleasure to watch – and then a van came down the lane and frightened him away). A very pleasant wander around Much Wenlock, on an end-of-January afternoon that felt springlike (we’ll pay for it in February, I’m sure)

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To Birch Wood

Same start as yesterday, but heading towards the river. Towards the eastern end of the route, the path follows the edge of Birch Wood, which hides a steep drop down into the valley of Dean Brook (we won’t go there…). The path forms a T-junction with a bridleway from Linley to the Severn – I’ll turn right and head past Linley’s old church and across the field to Bould Lane, taking me back to the start.

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Attingham – after Britannia

26 January: after recording Britannia’s eastbound progress near Allscott, we needed lunch and a short leg stretch. Attingham: the Cornish pasties were excellent; the cakes nearly finished us off. A short walk around the park would be good – the first snowdrops are up, and the birds are feeding in the woods. Shame there’s hardly any light…

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She may rule the waves, but she doesn’t rule the weather! The Met office thought it would be sunny at 1pm – and through the afternoon. No chance – but at least the fog cleared. Still hazy though. Here’s 70000 Britannia getting along nicely at Preston Boats, just a mile or so to the east of Shrewsbury, on the first of this week’s driver training runs.

(“The East Anglian”? Not today!)

Wyke and Benthall in January

The fine cold spell continues: this afternoon we’re walking from Benthall Hall, along the lanes to Wyke, thence to Benthall Edge via the Vineyards, completing the circuit on muddy field paths. The air temperature may have been around 5-6C, but in the warm sunshine (which the new lambs at Wyke appeared to be enjoying) it felt like early spring.

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