On this day…

Not everything appears on the blog, for all kinds of reasons. On 9 April 2017, we enjoyed a trip to Shrewsbury, primarily to visit the pumping engines at Coleham, in steam and open to the public. Out the back, there are railways – small and very small! – and a fine view of the English Bridge. Before we left home, I appear to have taken some photographs of tulips – someone gave us the bulbs the previous autumn. After the pumping engines, we visited the Quarry garden – more tulips! – and returned to the car through the centre of Shrewsbury. We passed over the railway station on the Dana, which offers a good view of the Buttermarket – a former canal-age warehouse. Now serving as an “entertainment venue”, it was gleaming under recently-applied white paint.

Coleham Pumping Station

(There is a blog entry for 9 April 2017 – but it relates to a walk the previous day)


Every cloud…

It’s so quiet! We’re taking a walk down the lane for some fresh air, a change of scene and a leg-stretch. Usually there’s a background hum of traffic on the main road, away across the river – not to mention those noisy little aeroplanes. A few days ago the farmers were at work in the fields, but that’s finished. All we can hear is the birds, and the lambs in the fields…
…until, nearing home, a giant helicopter hovers over the power lines, checking for faults. What a racket!

Garden visitor

I was thinking of doing some gardening. Surveying the scene, I heard a rustle. There he was, bold as brass! He had a snooze while I fetched the camera… I thought he was going to crawl over my feet, then he sniffed the air, changed his mind, and left to visit next-door’s garden. Hope they appreciate his presence.


A short (4 miles) walk around local ways, enjoying some warm sunshine. There’s hardly anyone else about, especially once we’re onto the still-muddy paths and tracks through field and woodland. The world will have changed by the time those bursting horse chestnut buds bear conkers in the autumn.

Vernal equinox

Or was it yesterday? Whichever, we’re at the start of the lighter and warmer half of the year, and next weekend, the clocks go forward (at last!). The plants in hedgerow, forest and field are certainly springing into life and flower, with total disregard for any dodgy viruses the human race may be affected by. The wind (from the east) is chilly, and the sunshine less bright than forecast, but it’s good to be out on Wenlock Edge.

View OS map on Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=361530&Y=300385&A=Y&Z=120

To Sheinton, Harley, Wigwig and Homer

A walk from the centre of Much Wenlock, down into the quiet countryside and curiously-named hamlets below the Edge. There are wild deer roaming the fields near Belswardine, and outside Harley church, there’s a comfortable wooden bench, warmed by the sunshine – a perfect place for lunch! The part-time ford at Wigwig is in water today, and the field above Homer is a bit slippery, but we’re soon past the worst as we enter the woods for the remaining stroll back to Wenlock. It’s been a perfect early spring day.

View OS map on Streetmap https://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=361305&Y=301955&A=Y&Z=120