Benthall and the bridge

It’s back! The bridge (at Ironbridge – yes, that one) has been wrapped up all year. The major refurbishment is almost complete, and apart from one small area just above the water-line, the wraps are off.
I’m taking a round-about route past Benthall Hall, walking down to the bridge from where, if I time it nicely, I’ll be getting a lift back…

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Britannia – main line steam

We saw no 70000 “Britannia” on test in October. Today (a gloomy and intermittently wet one) she was in revenue-earning service – on the “Welsh Borders Explorer”, the circular route from Crewe, via Chester, Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton. We’re at Preston Boats, not far out of Shrewsbury, and she’s going well – we could hear the exhaust when the train was leaving Shrewsbury, more than a mile away and out of sight.

Fishpools and toadstools

A very short walk for some fresh air, after a spell of rain and strong winds. The sky was blue when we ate our lunch, but more clouds gathered as we walked – the few spots of light rain made straight for the camera lens. The splendid crop of toadstools on a fallen tree was a bonus (I’ve no idea what they were).

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Merry Christmas from Broseley

I know – there are still four weeks to go. But the Christmas lights are being switched on this evening – Saturday 24 November. We’d better get our coats on…
There’s a procession of unlikely vehicles (and even more unlikely drivers and passengers), then, after a (mercifully) few words, the lights are on, and with them, the fireworks.
Once that’s done, we’ll take one or two more photos, but we won’t hang around. There seems to be an unofficial “who’s got the biggest speakers” competition, and our ears are already hurting. But it was fun, and good to see such a big turnout at this very local event.