Highest in the county

We stood  above everyone else in the county at about 2.45 this afternoon, when we gazed out from Abdon Burf on Brown Clee, Shropshire’s highest point (1772 feet, or 540m). It’s a good place to be on an afternoon like this – positively springlike, it would be a crime to stay indoors. It’s quiet too – despite being school half-term week, we saw just four other people while we walked. Wonderful!

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In Mortimer Forest

We’re walking from Ludlow into the hilly forest to the south-west, a route which takes us into Herefordshire, via the delightfully-named Sunnydingle Cottage to a summit at High Vinnals. 375m (1230 feet) is no great height, but the view is tremendous. That is, it would be, if it wasn’t for the showers of light rain here and there (no, the weather isn’t being as friendly as we’d expected). We return past Mary Knoll House, slithering downwards on the slippery clay, back to very welcome tea and cake, just right for the journey home.

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A short wander on a pleasant afternoon. The day had been dull and gloomy around lunchtime, but things improved. A southbound train was leaving as we crossed the bypass – none other than 75069. in action again after a lengthy and expensive overhaul. There are other “locomotives” dotted around Bridgnorth, colourful but of unusual design…

A walk to Wenlock

A couple of weeks ago, we caught the bus to Much Wenlock and walked back (see A walk from Wenlock). Today, one of us will be spending some time in Wenlock – if I time it right, I can get a lift back. It’s more-or-less the same route, but in reverse the views are different – mostly. It’s a fine sunny day – not a cloud in the sky – too good to waste!

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Snailbeach and the Devil’s Chair

The fog has cleared and it’s a beautiful afternoon for a walk on the Stiperstones. We’ve started from Snailbeach, and gone up past Resting Hill chimney, skirting Crowsnest Dingle to reach the ridge. The Devil’s not in his chair today, fortunately. To the south, a hazy remnant of the fog fills the valley, glowing in the bright sunshine. Red kites wheel above the ridge (out of range of the camera). We return on lower paths, gazing wistfully on the Bog Centre, not yet open for tea and cakes… It’s been a great day, out on these hills.

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