A Castle in Coalbrookdale

No. 7029 “Clun Castle” was in action today, on a couple of shuttles between Wellington and Coalbrookdale. It was advertised as the last steam to (or was it “from”?) Ironbridge – but that was over 50 years ago. We’re not complaining – it’s good to see a train of any kind on the line which used to serve the now-defunct power station. It was very dull for the first run, but the sun did its best for the second. Here’s a sample – more to come on “Geoff’s Rail Diaries“…

Bears and the Mynd

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

That may be true, for the unsuspecting, but I must admit that I’d hoped we might find them… They’re in the trees beside the Long Mynd Hotel, and rather fine they are too. We’re taking a walk on the Mynd, from a different starting point – the little car park at the top of Cunnery Road, and making a small ursine detour before tackling the steep path up the Ashlet hillside. We’ll walk towards the Boiling Well, before cutting across to the top of the Light Spout valley, to return to the start past the waterfall, down the Carding Mill valley and through Rectory Woods. A very pleasant outing, perfect for this cold (is this really June?), windy but dry afternoon.

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Day trip to Hull

It’s just two hours from Manchester – but we’ve got to get to Manchester first. With an early start, we’ll have the best part of five hours in Hull – and fascinating hours they are! After saying hello to Philip Larkin, who’s hurrying to catch a train (but he’s late), we find lunch near the old docks (now a marina). Later, we visit Corporation Pier station (which had ferries but no trains) and the walkway above Albert Dock, then walk alongside the river Hull as far as Drypool Bridge. Heading back through the old town, we find ourselves at the Streetlife Museum, a distraction which means we’ll have to walk briskly back to Paragon station. A great day out – must do it again!

For more rail-related photos from the trip, visit By TPE to Hull on Geoff’s Rail Diaries

Wenlock to Perkley

An easy wander to the south-west of Wenlock, on the last day of (meteorological) spring. There are wild flower meadows, fields of wheat, barley, oats and potatoes (and oilseed rape, almost completely faded), and hidden ways between lines of trees. Other than the power station chimney and cooling towers (not for much longer) it’s a rural and unspoiled landscape.

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