Change in the weather

We didn’t get out for a leg-stretch yesterday! The weather has changed, and though it wasn’t really wet enough for the garden and the fields, it wouldn’t have been much fun. Today’s a little better – it should stay dry during the first part of the afternoon (we won’t be seeking the shade though). We’ll walk along to the end of Red Lane and back – see what’s new, and what else has changed…

Severn Valley Railshade

It’s certainly shady on the old Severn Valley trackbed, just a few miles north of Bridgnorth. The riverside footpath, which we follow for our return, isn’t quite so shady, but it’s very pleasant beside the quiet waters, and Chestnut Coppice is an enjoyable stroll in both directions.
It looks as though this long spell of fine weather is about to end – rain is forecast for tomorrow…

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Shady ways

Back to Ned’s Lane and Round Hill! It’s a short leg-stretch, but very pleasant. The path up the hill on the edge of the woodland has a far-away feel to it, and the shade under those tall trees is most welcome.
As we drive the couple of miles to our starting point, a red kite swoops low over the road. We’re losing count of the number we’ve seen close to home in the last few weeks.

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Clee woodlands

We’re walking on the tame side of Brown Clee – the woodlands on the north-eastern edge of the hill. Once again, the shade is welcome, though there’s a bit more cloud today. The greater part of this route is not over-popular – as we guessed, most of the other people we saw (perhaps a dozen?) were on the short stretch between the picnic field and the summit. For much of the time, we had the place to ourselves.

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