Broncroft and Tugford

We walked this way in February (see “Tugford and Broncroft Castle“), for similar reasons – we’ve had a drop in rain in the last few days, and the paths can be rather sticky. These are very quiet lanes – very little traffic, and little else to disturb the peace. The similarity between these two walks ends there – Corvedale in late June is very different to Corvedale in winter.

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Shirlett strolling

We walked this way at the end of May – today we’re retracing our steps. Last night’s rain has left the air humid – it feels quite warm in the sunshine, and there’s a chance (once again) of thundery showers. Under the trees (no shortage of them up here) it’s cooler, and very pleasant for a leisurely stroll.

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Years ago, they were very common. More recently, we seem to have seen more painted ladies and commas, with a smattering (fluttering?) of peacocks and red admirals. This year, the small tortoiseshells are out en masse, raiding the plentiful bramble blossom (and presumably ensuring a good crop of blackberries later in the year).
Once again, the thunder is rumbling in the distance, over Bridgnorth – we’d better get back before it comes any closer.

A drop of rain

We almost set off for a walk – but heard distant thunder as we got out of the car, and changed our minds. A minute or two later, we realised we’d had a close shave when it began to pour.
We drove on, sitting for a while to watch the rain at Morville, before continuing, hoping for a break in the clouds. It came a few minutes after we pulled up in Shirlett Lane, allowing us to enjoy a brief leg-stretch and views of the passing storm. It hadn’t passed very far – just a couple of miles away, we had a taste of what we could have enjoyed on the walk, as we ran for the front door on arriving home…

It must be June!

Just look at the weather! Rain last night, more forecast for this evening. Between, leaden skies, but at least it’s dry. The distance is hazy – we’ll concentrate on what’s close by. The spring display is over, replaced by summer’s foliage, and in the sloes and blackberry flowers are reminders that autumn will come – but not just yet…