Big sky

Big clouds! It’s cold, bright, breezy, showery… A walk to Red Lane, where the clouds are brilliant white against the deep blue of the sky. When they’ve passed, that is; when they’re above, they’re more of a threatening dirty grey – will we get wet? A few drops in the wind, that’s all, then the sun is shining again – for a while. We’ve timed it well. There are a couple of sharp showers, with hailstones, soon after we’ve arrived home again.

The Albynes

A walk from Willey, on a fine, sunny and altogether pleasant afternoon. We follow Bould Lane to its foot, then cross the road and continue beside Linley Brook. Beyond the cottage, it’s a muddy jungle, then we’re up out of it and soon passing the Albynes, with fields full of sheep and lambs. Re-crossing the road takes us on over Nordley Common and back down to the Smithies, for our usual way back past Lower Pool.

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Swinney and the Dingle

A grey but pleasant afternoon. The sun’s trying to shine – perhaps it will succeed just as we’re arriving home again… It’s a familiar route. We’ll walk down the lane towards the river, past the ancient-looking buildings at Swinney Farm. The old railway track will lead us to Jackfield: there, we’ll take the path up the dingle which, despite some mud, is always an enjoyable way back up the hill.

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Going green on a grey day

We’ll start up Round Hill. It’s very quiet here: plenty of birdsong, nothing else – except a rustling in the vegetation on the bank beside us. No, not a noisy blackbird – it’s a bank vole, scuttling along under the ground ivy. He’s only visible for seconds, so there’s no chance of a photo, but he (or she) is a welcome sight. At the other end of the scale, the belties are out in the field beside the lane (we can see them through the hedge, so again, no photos). There probably aren’t too many Galloways in Shropshire!

The hedgerows are greening up now – the hawthorn is coming along nicely, as is the honeysuckle, and there are primroses in profusion. All we need now is some sunshine and a little warmth…

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Aldenham and Shore Pool

After a grey morning, there’s some pleasant sunshine for this wander: out past Hurst Farm pools, down the drive at Aldenham and across to Shore Pool. They’re  planting potatoes in the first field, but the space-age machinery seems to be on the blink. In the pool. swans are being elegant and decorative. We walk on beyond the pool to find that the sunshine has faded – it’s grey again.

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