The Belties

There’s a small herd of belted Galloway cattle near Round Hill – though with several fields to choose from, they’re not always visible to passers-by. Today they’re in the field by the road, the one with the tree full of mistletoe – and it looks like their numbers have grown recently. We’ll take a few photos – but our hopes that the youngster will look up are in vain. Perhaps on our way back?

We continue up the narrowing track past Round Hill, and down Ned’s Lane, to return to the start along the increasingly undriveable road (could lose a small child in some of the potholes) back to the car. Glancing into the belties’ field – they’ve  gone! Wandered off to pastures new…

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That’s a description of the weather, and the photography… We’re walking around the lanes near Willey – after a rainy morning, the afternoon is warm, humid and mostly dry, just a few spots as we pass Lower Pool. We’re under the trees anyway, but the raindrops are speckling the otherwise still waters.

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Pole Bank ponies and tadpoles

It’s not at all clear today – hazy in all directions – but it’s very pleasant walking along the top of the Long Mynd. There are others around, but only one other person at Pole Bank, where we’ll pause for a while to enjoy the (somewhat limited) view. There seem to be more ponies than usual – there are a couple of foals (one of which looks very young) so perhaps that explains it. And there are tadpoles in the pond!

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