From Princes Street to Wallgate Street

Busy days!
Saturday 16 November: off to Edinburgh, on the train from Crewe.
Sunday: an ice-cold start on the Forth’s shore at Newhaven and Leith, then up Leith Walk (on foot, of course) for a brief spot of tourism in Edinburgh’s old town.
Monday: another frosty morning. This time we’ll use the old railway track to Scotland Street, and we’ll visit Calton Hill and the National Museum of Scotland. A full day wouldn’t have done justice to the museum, and we’ve only got a couple of hours before our train for home.
Tuesday: a day off, and an hour or so of fresh air down by the Severn, where the bridge is looking good in the late-afternoon light.
Wednesday: away at the crack of dawn for a rail exploration of parts of Lancashire, which doesn’t quite go according to plan. We miss a train in unexpected fashion in Wigan, before finding ourselves (briefly) in Blackburn and Clitheroe.
(further photographic exploration to follow)

Lanky Lines

Wednesday 9 October: we’re having a day out on a Northern Rail day rover, exploring (mostly) lines in Lancashire – via Wigan and Preston to Blackpool, for a walk along a blustery prom, then out to Colne on a soon-to-be-history class 142 railbus. There are some showers around – quite hefty ones inland, over Pendle Hill – but we’re lucky, we don’t get wet. We head for home via Todmorden and Manchester, where the walk from Victoria to Piccadilly provides the opportunity of a well-earned (!) pint.

For a few more rail – and tram – photos, visit “Another Northern Day” on Geoff’s Rail Diaries.

Lunch at Ledbury

Tuesday 10 September: a day out using a “West Midlands Day Ranger” (just £18 with an old buffers’ card). We’re taking a roundabout but interesting route to the Herefordshire town. First stop is Stourbridge, for a ride on the Parry People Mover, and we pause for a while at Great Malvern, where the station’s ironwork is worth a look. Finally, Ledbury (“Junction for Poetry”) provides us with an excellent pub lunch and equally good beer to wash it down with.

We return homewards via Barnt Green, where a ride on the short line to Redditch takes us through pleasant countryside, but we don’t hang about at the new town’s station (it’s not a patch on Telford Central, despite having electric trains). The return trip takes us to a crowded New Street, and an equally crowded (it thins out along the way) electric train to Rugeley, a line whose electrification was completed relatively recently. Time for a photo or two here, before returning to Shropshire on three more trains, connecting perfectly at Stafford and Wolverhampton. Fifteen journeys on thirteen separate trains (if the “People Mover” counts as such), every one on time. Great fun!