Not flying…

Flying Scotsman certainly could fly, metaphorically, in his youth. Today we’re visiting a couple of Scotsmen whose top speed is barely into double figures – definitely not flyers – at the Telford Steam Railway. One of them, built by Grant, Richie of Kilmarnock in 1894, is just visiting for his summer holidays, which are almost over – we’d better go and see him. Take a look at “Scotsmen, not flying” on Geoff’s Rail Diaries – now!

TTTT – 303

No 303 is a very fine newly-restored WW1 Hunslet 4-6-0, making an appearance at the Moseley Railway Trust’s Apedale Valley Railway, on the occasion of their 2018 “Tracks to the Trenches” event. It wasn’t the only participant in the weekend’s fun and games, but it will have to do for now. A “Geoff’s Rail Diaries” page will appear in due course…

Morecambe to Seaton?

My fingers got the better of me! We walked from Moreton, on the north Wirral shore, to Seacombe, to a bus stop just beyond the ferry terminal. We were making for Hamilton Square station, and to continue walking could have meant a missed connection…

Yesterday’s outing by rail had been planned a week or so in advance. In the event, it would be too warm for any longer journeys, and there could be (there were!) pleasant sea breezes away from the train. Before the walk, a ride to the end of the line at West Kirby (it was emphatically Wet Kirby, last time I was there) meant we could take refreshments (a pleasant little cafe in the railway station building), before riding back as far as Moreton. From the shore, there are hazy views to Wales and to Liverpool, and wind turbines out at sea. Around the corner at New Brighton (it’s busy here!), we’re following the west bank of the Mersey, with interesting views of the docks. Below, on the sands, are oystercatchers and four curlews.

We might have made it to Hamilton Square on time, but the bus proved a wise choice. The bridge across the docks was closed for maintenance/road works – if we’d had to follow the alternative route on foot, we’d have been home much later. We’d walked a little under 8 miles anyway – quite enough for this warm afternoon.

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Wellington Scot

46100 “Royal Scot”, that is, hauling a crew familiarisation train around the route of the “Welsh Borders Explorer”. No passengers today – and only a handful of others out to record the train’s passing. It was moving along very nicely at Wellington, seven minutes early having left Shrewsbury on time. (Note the young lady on the smartphone, oblivious to the scene unfolding before her – then, a moment later, looking up and realising it was something special…)