A close look at Wenlock

Once again, it’s a cloudy, dull day – so the interest for the camera will lie in things close by. We’re walking fron the NT car park at Much Wenlock, up the Blakeway Hollow lane then back along the Edge, as far as the Homer path. Our return route takes us back through Much Wenlock, where we’ll take a look in a shop window or two…

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Stiperstones revisited

Thursday 29 July: Haven’t been here for a while. It’s a good day for this wild open country – some sunshine, some clouds, a cool breeze. We’ll need to find a sheltered spot for our picnic lunch, behind the rocks on the ridge, in amongst the bilberries (blaeberries, wimberries, whatever…). They’re ripe: several get eaten…

It’s surprisingly busy along the main rocky ridge. Some of the visitors are not really there – or perhaps, since they carefully avoid looking at us or acknowledging our presence, we’re not really there. Just smile and say ‘Hello’ – that’s all we need!

I think they’ve all come up the easy way, from the east-side car park – beyond that, it’s quiet again – just the red kites (four), the ducks (dozens of them, sitting on the road), and the alpacas and llamas (of course!). It’s an interesting part of the world!

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In the shade

A short walk in Benthall Edge woods, high above what remains of Ironbridge power station, following an out-and-back route to maximise the shade. Some careful choices of paths through the jungle help to avoid too much retracing of steps. It’s an enjoyable (and necessarily gentle) stroll on a hot afternoon, surprisingly pleasant under the trees.

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