The green man

Wandering from Willey once more – this time, back up Scots Lane and down to St Leonard’s church at Linley. An interesting little building, tucked away from reality down a rough-surfaced leafy lane, its main claim to fame seems to be the green man over a blocked north doorway. It is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust

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Some sunshine would be good!

That’s what I said yesterday, and today’s forecast was “overcast”. It was wrong. The bright sunshine made it feel warmer too. We’re enjoying a short walk around the very quiet lanes from Willey. Where’s everyone else on this lovely afternoon? We usually see at least one other person out walking, sometimes as many as three or four on a Sunday afternoon…

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What a difference…

… a day (or three) makes. On Friday, in glorious sunshine, we walked along Benthall Edge and looked down on the power station (see ‘Back from the Edge’. The following day, the former boiler house blew up – as a planned part of the ongoing demolition, of course. I don’t think we’d have been allowed up there at the time, and yesterday, I suspect, the paths would have been busy. Today, like the boiler house, the sunshine is but a memory. It’s cold, grey and misty.

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Back to Ned’s Lane

Conditions have been a little drier recently. Let’s try Ned’s Lane – it might be passable… Yes, just about. There’s some deep sticky mud, not helped by the horses that come this way, heavy hooves digging deep into soft ground. We’re soon past the worst bits, and it’s easy going now. A walk with a loop at the far end is much more satisfying than ‘turn and head back’. And what a beautiful afternoon it’s been!

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