Cressage and Harley

We start where we usually begin our Harnage and Kenley walk, but today we’re heading down the lane and path towards Cressage. There, we’ll follow the Sheinton road, before heading up through the farm at Belswardyne and across the fields to Harley. Soon we’re back at the start. Other than the crossing (twice!) of the busy main road, it’s very quiet along these lanes, tracks and paths – just one other walker, out with two small dogs.

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Perkley in October

There’s nothing there, apart from a derelict farmhouse and a decrepit barn. The morning gradually improves as we wander on – the threat of a shower is an empty one (though there’s evidence of recent rain), and the sun’s shining brightly as we cross the ridge and descend towards the old railway track.

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A Benthall leg-stretch

Just a short one! Over the fields to the Wyke lane, through the trees along Benthall Edge, and back, for a change, across the rear of Benthall Hall. A hare started just yards from where we stood in the field, and (as they do) went hurtling away, swerving to avoid the sheep. Photo? Not a hope; in any case we were too busy just watching.

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Hoar Edge and Magpie Hill

It’s a fine, bright and sunny day, and there are others about when we start out from Cleehill. As a result (though there’s no-one else in sight there) the dereliction at Magpie Hill isn’t creepy. Apparently. We approach via Hoar Edge, where the rocks make a good picnic bench, then visit the three-forked pole before following the old wagonway past Lower Random. Never below 1100 feet above sea level, this is an airy walk with extensive views in all directions -perfect for a day like today.

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Autumn around Church Preen

Once again, a familiar circuit along the quiet lanes near Church Preen. Autumn is with us now, and though most of the trees are still largely green, there are seasonal colours and fruits everywhere – damsons, tart wild plums, and there, in the hedgerow, a bush full of sweet wild greengages… The sun mostly fails to shine, but eventually (we’re almost back at the car) lights a line of trees down by the school.

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Ironbridge to Coalport

… via Jackfield. Not quite a circular walk – more like three oddly-shaped sausages, on whose links we retrace our footsteps briefly. Yesterday’s forecast for today wasn’t optimistic: the bright sunshine and deep blue sky are a bonus, and the clouds are no worse than expected. We seem to have avoided the showers.
Sadly, the season’s over at Coalport for weekday walks – the café is now only open at weekends. We’ll have to make do with the chocolate in the camera bag (it’s what they’re for, surely?)

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Bould Scots and Britons…

…are the lanes we’re walking along this morning – down Scots Lane as far as Bould Lane, which we descend to Linley Brook. Britons Lane then takes us to – an innominate lane, the far side of our wander, past the pools and to the top of Bould Lane. It’s fine and sunny, but rain is promised for later in the day. Signs of the season abound – summer is long gone.

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