At the end of the Alcester Road

Sunday 7 July: It’s a major route – the A435 – heading southwards from the centre of Birmingham. Well known in those parts – but how well know is the little Warwickshire town to which it leads? We’d never been, but it looked like a potentially-interesting place to visit, on our way home from the Evesham gala. Was it interesting? Judge for yourselves! (I suspect we’ll be back, probably on a weekday when the shops are open)

Owl and Katie

Owl at Twyford station

…are two fine 15″ gauge locomotives which have been visiting the Evesham Vale Light Railway this weekend. We were there for some of the fun and games, but the “Rail Diaries” page will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, the accompanying photo will have to do.

Summer fields

Weds. 3 July: a short wander from Benthall Hall. There’s lots of colour in the fields and hedgerows, and later, it’s pleasantly cool under the trees of Benthall Edge, with views down to the doomed cooling towers, and Ironbridge. Back at the hall, the ice creams are perfect, though I’m not sure we’ve really earned them.

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