Late May by Coundmoor Brook

Following in our own footsteps: we walked this way in November 2018 (see “By Coundmoor Brook“). It was an autumnal world on that day, with the sun nearing the horizon as we returned to the car. On this warm May (bank holiday – we passed four other people out walking!) afternoon, we’re in a very different world, where the wooded valley provides some welcome shade.

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To the Munslows again

It’s an old favourite – from Aston Munslow, up onto the Wenlock Edge, down the lane to Munslow and back across the fields. It’s a widely-varying scene as we walk, through sheep pastures and arable fields, quiet rough tracks, the wooded Edge – and a bit of bedrock on the little sunken lane taking us down to Munslow. The day improved – rather grey and flat at the start, clear skies and warm sunshine at the finish. Quiet too – just three other people in five miles. Perfect!

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Lilleshall and the Somme

22 May 2005: a visit to Lilleshall Abbey, between Telford and Newport. We were the only people there.
I mentioned our 2012 French trip a couple of days ago (it was covered pretty fully on the blog at the time). On 22 May 2012, we visited the Cité Souterraine at Naours. For more on our visit to this amazing place, visit “The underground city” (the most visited page on the blog).
Later that day, as the sun went down, we walked beside the Somme, from our gîte at Saigneville, in a lovely quiet corner of Picardy.