Kirkham Abbey

Saturday 20 October: we’re in Yorkshire, exploring after lunch. The ruinous remains of Kirkham Priory stand beside the river Derwent, between York and Malton, and are worth exploring. The York – Scarborough railway passes through the valley on the other side of the river, crossing the minor road by means of a level crossing. It’s controlled by a mechanical signal box, “Kirkham Abbey”: the crossing gates swing out across the road when a train is coming. Kirkham Abbey is a now-rare survivor of a once-common scene.

Photo note: today’s outing wasn’t expected to have photographic opportunities. I took the photos using the smartphone – not the best tool for the job, especially considering the railway is in deep shade, mid-afternoon in late October. We’ll have to revisit…

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An Attingham autumn

Tuesday 9 October: an autumn wander around Attingham Park. The deer are busy with the rut (so we won’t disturb them), the leaves are turning nicely, and the squirrels are out in force making the most of the abundant nuts. There are some interesting fungi too (this is proving to be a recurring theme), though I’ve no idea what they are.

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Coughton Court

Wednesday 29 August: That’s “coaton”, not “coffton”, we’re told. We’ve been here just once before, but there are no photos – I’d left the camera at home. Today we’ve had lunch in the Bull at Ambridge, served by none other than Jolene (some readers may know what, and where, I’m talking about), and after that, we’re ready for anything. Coughton was home to the Throckmortons (spelled “Throgmorton” on the stained glass), a Catholic family with close connections to the gunpowder plot. Try not to mention bonfire night… Whatever its history, it’s an interesting place to visit and explore. The latter is a prerequisite to the house – the use of timed tickets, to regulate the flow through the building, means there’s time to kill in the grounds – including an impressive walled garden – and the tea room (of course!).

Coughton Court NT

Lazing at Attingham

The deer, that is. They seem to be taking it easy this afternoon. But never mind the deer, look what’s parked outside, taking a drink at the Mytton and Mermaid. Those ploughing engines, on their way to the steam rally at Onslow Park, use a lot of water. (I suspect their crews were ready for refreshment too). Elsewhere at Attingham, there are signs of the advancing season. Autumn’s approaching, and the apples and pears in the walled garden look juicy, despite the dry summer.

Attingham Park NT