Mists and …

We had the mellow fruitfulness a couple of days ago. Today, after overnight rain, it’s misty. We ought to be able to look back from the (slightly) higher ground south of Cound to the Ironbridge gorge, sans power station chimney – a rural view again after 60 years or so. Not a hope! Someone’s hidden the Wrekin too.

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A late afternoon wander from home. Yesterday, looking at the forecast for today, we thought we’d be confined to barracks, but it stayed dry (some sunshine and blue sky would have been good, but we can’t have everything…).

Mellow fruitfulness

No mists though… There are ripe blackberries in the hedgerows, and lots of damsons – some are sweet enough to eat now, but most need another week or so. (They’ll probably all have been picked by then, ripe or not.) In the woods down Ned’s Lane, there’s a different kind of fruitfulness, which we certainly won’t be sampling…

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Rain in the park

… and colour in the walled garden. One of those days when it could rain anywhere, anytime – or might stay dry. It didn’t, of course. We took shelter under the trees in the deer park for a few minutes, but didn’t need our waterproofs. The season is nearing its end in the walled garden, where there’s plenty of colour in the flowers, fruit and veg.

Yes, it’s a National Trust property – but we’ve walked four miles this afternoon…

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It’s going to rain…

After a couple of very warm dry days, the weather has changed. It’s cooler, rather humid, and (the forecast says) it will rain this afternoon. We’d better get out this morning. It’s a local stroll, to the end of Red Lane and back. We usually retrace our steps from there, but the increasingly ominous clouds (it’s only 11.30) say “rain!”, so we take our lives in our hands (or feet?) and follow the much shorter way home alongside the busy road. The rain is falling steadily by the time we’re home (starting to feel slightly damp); ten minutes later we’d have been soaked, and if we’d walked back the long way…

Harley, Homer and Belswardyne

Aging solicitors in tweed suits? Or perhaps villages / hamlets in Shropshire, below Wenlock Edge… We mustn’t (can’t!) forget Wigwig – little more than a farm, it’s earned its place on the signpost at the main road. The latter is busy on a warm Sunday afternoon (now we’re in autumn, the weather is warmer and sunnier than it was throughout August), but once we’re away from the road, this is quiet and very pleasant country.

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