Merry Christmas from Broseley

I know – there are still four weeks to go. But the Christmas lights are being switched on this evening – Saturday 24 November. We’d better get our coats on…
There’s a procession of unlikely vehicles (and even more unlikely drivers and passengers), then, after a (mercifully) few words, the lights are on, and with them, the fireworks.
Once that’s done, we’ll take one or two more photos, but we won’t hang around. There seems to be an unofficial “who’s got the biggest speakers” competition, and our ears are already hurting. But it was fun, and good to see such a big turnout at this very local event.

Croft and Bircher

Herefordshire hill country, up towards the Shropshire border (and not far from Wales either)… Days like this are rare in November, so we’re off again, to walk a route we followed a couple of years ago, at the opposite end of the year. Then, we walked through abundant May blossom and bluebells; today there are toadstools and larch needles, and warm autumn shades against a cold blue sky.

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By Coundmoor Brook

It’s hardly a major watercourse, nevertheless it has carved itself a very attractive shallow but steep-sided valley, ideal for an amble on this bright but hazy afternoon. Heading back, our path overlooks the valley, with more extensive views the other way. Am I alone in thinking the Wrekin resembles Mount Fuji from up here?

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