On this day…

Not everything appears on the blog, for all kinds of reasons. On 9 April 2017, we enjoyed a trip to Shrewsbury, primarily to visit the pumping engines at Coleham, in steam and open to the public. Out the back, there are railways – small and very small! – and a fine view of the English Bridge. Before we left home, I appear to have taken some photographs of tulips – someone gave us the bulbs the previous autumn. After the pumping engines, we visited the Quarry garden – more tulips! – and returned to the car through the centre of Shrewsbury. We passed over the railway station on the Dana, which offers a good view of the Buttermarket – a former canal-age warehouse. Now serving as an “entertainment venue”, it was gleaming under recently-applied white paint.

Coleham Pumping Station

(There is a blog entry for 9 April 2017 – but it relates to a walk the previous day)


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