La Roche-Bernard

23 April 2003: Our last day in Brittany – a wander around La Roche-Bernard, where the river is busy but the streets are quiet, followed by a visit to the  Arzal barrage. Tomorrow it’s an early start – we’re sailing from St Malo, on the long slow crossing to Portsmouth.

Port Navalo

22 April 2003: a drive out the the Gulf of Morbihan. Port Navalo is on the eastern side of the gulf’s mouth, through which the sea rushes in and out twice a day. Nothing so energetic for us – I think our visit may have included refreshments at a local café, which probably involved crèpes…

Landes de Cojoux

21 April 2003: We found this site by accident, while studying the Michelin map – “where shall we go today?”. Carnac is well-known, deservedly so. On a scrubby ridge near Saint-Just, a few miles north-east of Redon, the Landes de Cojoux seem to be much less popular, despite the fascinating arrays of megaliths.

La Brière; Guérande

20 April 2003: more from Brittany. We’ve driven down to the Brière marshes, hired a boat and paddled ourselves out into this strange waterlogged landscape. Somewhere we can hear a bittern booming, but there’s no chance of seeing him. Afterwards, we head for the little walled town of Guérande, which I’m sure would have been well worth a lengthier stay – on a quiet day… We didn’t hang around.

17th April

It seems to have been a very productive day over the years:
2003: Malestroit, Brittany
2004: Knighton, Powis
2006: Weston Park – for the miniature railway and a commercial vehicle rally
More recent years have been blogged already, but a couple are worth revisiting:
2016: Wyre Forest, for a close encounter with a heron. See Forest Paths
2019: Staffin, Skye – a couple of old sea dogs at the slip. Staffin Strolling