Wenlock to Benthall…

…and home for tea. It was a last-minute decision – let’s go to Wenlock on the bus (the no. 18 double-decker – top deck, front seats) and walk back – via Benthall Hall for refreshments, of course. It’s not the most encouraging weather photographically – there’s some sunshine, but also some grey skies and a shower or two (which we weren’t expecting). It’s a pleasant outing anyway, calm before the storm perhaps (Aileen is coming tonight, apparently)

Benthall Hall NT

View OS map on Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=365070&Y=301486&A=Y&Z=120

4 thoughts on “Wenlock to Benthall…

  1. val brumby

    Despite the variable weather (which I tend to like actually fr the dramatic skies or occasional shaft of light which suddenly illuminates something lovely~ the pictures are lovely and certainly would trade in a heartbeat your day for my own in hot dry weather here with nowhere to walk but city streets … Thank you for sharing your day out.

    1. Thanks Val. I have to say, the weather’s just a bit too variable at present (bright sunshine followed by very heavy showers).I know what you mean though – I’ve heard it said that landscape photography is really weather photography…

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