Magpie, Titterstone and Clee

Walking in south Shropshire with a “railway” friend: one who appreciates the interest in the remnants of industry in these very quiet hills. They’ve been extensively quarried for stone – parts are still being worked – and the coal measures were exploited too, many years ago. There are former railway trackbeds, of the standard gauge line which took stone down to Ludlow, and the narrow gauge lines which threaded the workings. Magpie Hill’s stone went by a different means and route – an aerial ropeway took its stone down to Detton Ford, on the long-gone CM&DP. The concrete bases of the pylons are still in place, and there are bits of rail here and there, mostly in use as fence posts and similar. Long-abandoned concrete structures stand here and there, slowly crumbling, like the remains of some lost futuristic city. They can feel rather spooky when the mist comes down, but there’s no such nonsense on a fine sunny June day.

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2 thoughts on “Magpie, Titterstone and Clee

  1. I love the romance of our abandoned industrial heritage. As a Lad I used to like sneaking into the quarry at Dorking in Surrey to look at the remains of the Dorking Greystone Company- you could still see the sleepers from where the narrow gauge Fletcher Jennings locomotives used to run. I was just wondering if you had read Mark Jones’s book ” Discovering Britain’s first Railways” ?

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