Bring me sunshine

Two bright, sunny afternoons – too good to waste…

Monday: a walk from Linley to Bridgnorth. I had a lift to the starting point, for a walk which should be well-timed for a lift home again. Down in the valley, out of the wind, I began to wonder if I should have left my jacket behind. The old railway track would provide a reasonable surface if the river-bank path was too sticky – in the event, it wasn’t bad at all.

Tuesday: A walk to Benthall Hall – an old favourite. The tea-room at the hall was a bonus – hadn’t realised it was open mid-week, so early in the season…

Benthall Hall NT


One thought on “Bring me sunshine

  1. Graham Daly

    Interesting views from a lesser known part of the Severn valley. I believe the former route of the Severn Valley Railway past Linley station is now part of the National Cycle Network although I have yet to explore it.

    The suspension footbridge over the river reminds me a bit of the Porthill bridge in Shrewsbury. They were probably constructed at a similar time.

    Interesting to see the church towers of Bridgnorth from a less well known approach to the town.

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