Border Castles

Goodrich, the White Castle, Grosmont – three impressive ruins with similarities and differences. Goodrich is in England, beside the Wye near Ross, in the care of English Heritage. There’s lots to see and explore here – spiralling ways up to the heights, dark dungeons and passageways. A walk around the dry moat reveals the rocky foundations.

Goodrich Castle EH

Further west, in Wales, are the “Three Castles”, from 1201 the property of one Hubert de Burgh. We’ve been to Skenfrith before – let’s look at the White Castle. It really was white once, apparently. Its deep moat is still water-filled, and the ruins are extensive, but there’s only the one tower which can be climbed for a fine (but today hazy) view to the west, where the Skirrid – “Ysgyryd Fawr” –  and the Black Mountains are prominent.

Grosmont Castle, third of the “Three Castles” would be on our way home, and there’s still plenty of time. Once again, there’s an entrance across a bridge (which originally would have been a drawbridge), and there’s one way up onto the walls for a good overall view. That chimney is amazing!

White Castle and Grosmont Castle CADW

One thought on “Border Castles

  1. Graham Daly

    I’ve not been to any of these ruins so found your portrait of them very interesting : an impressive set of pictures recorded in the early spring sunshine

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