Quiet lanes

A bright sunny afternoon – too good to stay at home, but the ground would be sodden after yesterday’s rain (this is becoming repetitive…). Would a walk entirely on surfaced ways be acceptable? There are some quiet lanes in the country west of the Wenlock Edge – let’s try it.

I’m not sure I’d want to make a habit of walking six miles on tarmac – but it was quiet. Perhaps no more than a dozen motor vehicles, half a dozen bicycles, a couple of joggers and a distant dog-walker – not too bad. Nevertheless, it nearly wasn’t the circular walk I’d intended. An impromptu ford blocked my way just beyond (appropriately) Plaish. It was deep – it would have filled my boots. Some minor gymnastics (do I mean acrobatics?) got me over the narrowest bit, but the only way forward then was along the edge of a field for a very short distance, before regaining the road. With very muddy boots.

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