Mogg Forest

Rhymes with “sogg”… An interesting and pleasant route for a mild and bright afternoon – but unbelievably wet underfoot. The path rises gently through the forest, though in places, it’s “forward two, slide back one”. On the crest of the ridge, the path switches to the field. There are ancient earthworks just inside Mogg Forest – impressive-looking banks and ditches (named “The Ditches” on the OS map). The footpath should now run across the field (and clearly does so in summer, if the Google satellite view is reliable), but there was no sign of it, a new crop was coming up and the earth looked very sticky. With no waymarkers to point me in the right direction, I followed the wide grassy margin of the field beside the forest instead. Foot- and horse hoof-prints told me I wasn’t the first. 

The path (waymarked again) descends to the road beside Cottage Pool, a little way up the valley from Brockton. I had intended to walk along what should have been a quiet lane to Easthope, but I think it must have been school closing time, so I took to the field path towards Lutwyche Hall (it would be slightly shorter too). Big mistake: it wasn’t too bad past the attractive little pool, but the field thence to the Hall farm was the most waterlogged part of the walk. The cows had been on it, leaving deep water-filled hoof holes in the squelchy grass. There’s a good view of the hall from the field, but navigating the morass took all my attention – by the time I was out of it, the hall was behind trees and hedges. No photos…

Note to self – a good walk for a dry summer…

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