Manchester tramblers

…the second crossing…

No, we haven’t gone religious – that’s ‘crossing’, not ‘coming’. We were in Manchester yesterday, for a ride on the tram routes we didn’t have time for last year. We’ll include the new ‘second crossing’ – the alternative route across the city centre for trams running between St Peter’s Square and Victoria, which opened just over a week ago. If we’re lucky, there’ll be time for a pint later… For more, and lots of pictures, visit “The second crossing” on Geoff’s Rail Diaries.

Riding the trams

3012 and the MidlandWeds. 10th Feb: a day out, in and around Manchester. It’s several years since I was last there, and the tramways have expanded greatly (the trams have all been replaced too). A day return to Holmes Chapel and a Greater Manchester “Wayfarer” (just £6 for those of a certain age – brilliant value!) make this most enjoyable day out an inexpensive one too. There will be a “Rail Diaries” page of trams in due course, and a blog entry for the “other stuff”. In the meantime, a taster – car 3012 passing the magnificent Midland hotel.

Wayfarer map