Just around the corner?

It’s the 1st of March on Tuesday – St David’s day, and there are signs of spring all around us as we wander down to the river, for tea and cake at Coalport youth hostel, just beside the china works. We’re about 2/3 of the way round, and their shortcake is perfect fuel for the long plod back up the hill…

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Snowdrops and floods

The one seems to accompany the other – we’ve been to Attingham on previous occasions, to see the floral display and to find the river Tern resembling a lake, backing up from the nearby Severn. It’s a pleasant spot for a cold afternoon, and though the morning’s sunshine has gone, there’s barely a breeze – the water’s like a mirror. There are post-stroll tea and cakes too…

Attingham Park NT


“We need to go and see the snowdrops at Attingham”. Yes, I suppose we do, and it looks like being rainy tomorrow and Friday. They are worth seeing, and there will perhaps be tea and cake afterwards. The snowdrop woods are busy – it’s half-term, and there are lots of kids-and-grandparents out today. They’re not really interested in the snowdrops, but that familiar shrill chatter is evidence that they are enjoying their outing (I’m referring to the kids, of course). We continue beyond the snowdrop woods to follow the park perimeter path, and it’s much quieter, perhaps because there’s a crocodile in the swamp. A gap in the trees reveals, perhaps 1km distant, a Roman villa. Is reality on the blink again?

Attingham Park (NT)

A fall of snow(drops)

A dry afternoon, with some sunshine forecast – “let’s have a walk around Attingham Park, the snowdrops should be good”. Which they were, of course – like a fall of snow in places, the ground almost white over. The sun wasn’t at its most cooperative – why is the most spectacular burst of sunshine the one when you’re in the car, ready to drive home? The translucent Judas ear fungus is edible, apparently; it doesn’t look too appetising. Think I’ll give it a miss.
The deer were grazing in the deer park – see video clip (below)