I’m on the train

"Bellerophon" leaving Bewdley
“Bellerophon” leaving Bewdley

A visit to the Severn Valley Railway’s spring gala, on the one day that’s likely to be springlike. Just for a change, I’m on the train, though there are some photographic opportunities. Here’s a taster – a “Rail Diaries” entry will follow in due course.

Welcome visitors

They’re always welcome when they’re visitors to the Severn Valley Railway. The railway held its autumn gala this weekend, and during four most enjoyable hours (it certainly didn’t seem that long) at Highley, I met them all. More photos and (fairly) full details in due course, on Geoff’s Rail Diaries – in the meantime, here are the celebrities…

Last of the light

Last of the LightSanta trains on the Severn Valley Railway – a great photographic opportunity, provided the weather cooperates. Today, it did just that – the sun shone from a clear blue sky until it set behind a line of trees to the south-west, just as 7802 Bradley Manor passed on its way back to Kidderminster. There will be more photos and video on Geoff’s Rail Diaries, but not for a day or two – too many other things above it on the to-do list.