On the same theme

After posting “Nine years later”, I browsed further back through the archives and found that 10 April 2009 was a pretty good day too. We’d stayed overnight in Edinburgh, and were driving up to Skye. We visited the Falkirk Wheel on our way, then, as we drove up the A9 near Gleneagles, discovered that a steam-hauled special was due imminently – the “Great Britain II” railtour, on its way to Inverness. The latter appeared on the blog at the time, but the Wheel didn’t.

Falkirk Wheel

Fruit and nut

Mon 24 April: we’re heading north, towards an overnight stay in Glen Devon. We’re slightly ahead of schedule – let’s have a look at this pineapple thing… It’s quite startling, and definitely strange – a huge carved stone pineapple, at the head of a walled garden not far from the south bank of the Forth, a few miles east of Stirling. Other than the pineapple, and the walls (three of them), and a little pool, there’s nothing else and no-one else there. (There are further grounds to explore, but on this day of sunshine and snow showers, it’s too cold to hang around for long)

The Pineapple NT Scotland