Manchester tramblers

…the second crossing…

No, we haven’t gone religious – that’s ‘crossing’, not ‘coming’. We were in Manchester yesterday, for a ride on the tram routes we didn’t have time for last year. We’ll include the new ‘second crossing’ – the alternative route across the city centre for trams running between St Peter’s Square and Victoria, which opened just over a week ago. If we’re lucky, there’ll be time for a pint later… For more, and lots of pictures, visit “The second crossing” on Geoff’s Rail Diaries.

Town halls and tramways

We didn’t just point our cameras at the trams on Wednesday – there were other interesting things to see. Rochdale town hall was a real eye-opener, as well as an excellent place for a light lunch, and Manchester’s buildings, old and new, looked wonderful in the strong and directional late afternoon light.

Rochdale town hall virtual tour

For the tram photos, and more of Manchester Victoria, see

Riding the trams

3012 and the MidlandWeds. 10th Feb: a day out, in and around Manchester. It’s several years since I was last there, and the tramways have expanded greatly (the trams have all been replaced too). A day return to Holmes Chapel and a Greater Manchester “Wayfarer” (just £6 for those of a certain age – brilliant value!) make this most enjoyable day out an inexpensive one too. There will be a “Rail Diaries” page of trams in due course, and a blog entry for the “other stuff”. In the meantime, a taster – car 3012 passing the magnificent Midland hotel.

Wayfarer map