Langley Chapel and Church Preen

The ecclesiastical link is pure coincidence. Langley Chapel seemed a good (and interesting) place to start, and the hamlet of Church Preen (whose church cannot be seen from the through roads) marked the half-way point. It’s a circular walk, entirely on very quiet roads (six miles, five cars, two horses), as last night’s heavy rain will have made the fields and paths really soggy. It’s very pleasant out too – clear air, just a light breeze, sunshine – what more could one want?

We’ve been to Langley Chapel before – for more photos, visit Langley Chapel

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Langley Chapel

We’d driven past once or twice, but never looked more closely. The last regular service was held here in 1871, according to English Heritage, its owners. They also say it was one of the first historic buildings to be taken into the care of the state – in 1914! It’s in the middle of nowhere (i.e roughly half-way between Acton Burnell and Kenley, perhaps 10 miles to the south of Shrewsbury), built for the farm nearby, Langley Hall (itself worth a second glance), when presumably it was of some significance in the area. A remarkable little building – heavy, rather plain and rustic oak pews (and box pews), very simple, very quiet ( a perfect brief Good Friday outing – there’s no-one else here!), and kept clean and tidy despite its long redundancy.

Langley Chapel EH