Attingham on a sunny afternoon

A sunny afternoon (especially after a wet night and morning) is too good to waste at this time of year! We’ll have a walk around Attingham Park – the footpaths shouldn’t be too bad there, and the longest route is a reasonable leg-stretch. We can say hello to the crocodile* in the far pool (he wasn’t there! Where’s he gone? Warmer climes perhaps)…

*see “Snowdropping”  Feb 2015

Attingham Park NT

January skies

We’re out on Brown Clee, enjoying some drier weather, though it’s very wet under (and at times, in) our boots. There was a spot of light drizzle too, early on (the 0.1mm threatened by the forecast) but we coped. Once on the ridge, all (extremely minor) discomfort was forgotten as we took in the drama of the skyscape and the misty distant border hills. What a great place to be on a day like this! It’s a shame to have to come down again, but the hours of daylight are short.

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