An hour in Ironbridge

I’m trying out some new kit – an hour in Ironbridge might be worthwhile. Wow – it’s busy! Oops! – after the first few photos, I’ve accidentally set a “creative” effect which has over-cooked the colours. I’ve tried to tone them down a bit, but really they’d benefit from a bit more tinkering. It’s hardly worth the effort – I could take them again (on a quieter day…) if I wanted.

A Tale of Four Bridges

There’s a cold wind, but it should stay dry. Maybe there’s a chance of some sunshine? Not really – certainly none of the deep blue that we had between the morning’s sharp showers. Down in the valley, walking between Ironbridge and the Coalport bridge, it’s sheltered and pleasant enough. To avoid what would have been a very muddy path, we’re crossing the Severn twice more – using the Jackfield memorial footbridge and lastly, the new “Free Bridge” – that’s four metal bridges in a row, all significant in their own way.

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Benthall and the bridge

It’s back! The bridge (at Ironbridge – yes, that one) has been wrapped up all year. The major refurbishment is almost complete, and apart from one small area just above the water-line, the wraps are off.
I’m taking a round-about route past Benthall Hall, walking down to the bridge from where, if I time it nicely, I’ll be getting a lift back…

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Duck ten

When we visited the Ironbridge ducks a couple of weeks ago, duck no 10 “Lady Victoria” was missing. She had been vandalised (there are no suitable adjectives to describe people who would do such a thing), and was away being repaired. She’s back now!

Out for a duck

Ten ducks, to be precise. These giants are on display around Ironbridge until July, as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Telford, and provide colourful compensation for the current wrapped-up state of the famous bridge. They will also help to raise funds for local good causes. Sadly, we could only snap nine of the them – the tenth is away, undergoing repair after being vandalised (there are some truly sad people around).
The names are those shown on the plinths – I didn’t devise them…