Benthall and the bridge

It’s back! The bridge (at Ironbridge – yes, that one) has been wrapped up all year. The major refurbishment is almost complete, and apart from one small area just above the water-line, the wraps are off.
I’m taking a round-about route past Benthall Hall, walking down to the bridge from where, if I time it nicely, I’ll be getting a lift back…

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Duck ten

When we visited the Ironbridge ducks a couple of weeks ago, duck no 10 “Lady Victoria” was missing. She had been vandalised (there are no suitable adjectives to describe people who would do such a thing), and was away being repaired. She’s back now!

Out for a duck

Ten ducks, to be precise. These giants are on display around Ironbridge until July, as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Telford, and provide colourful compensation for the current wrapped-up state of the famous bridge. They will also help to raise funds for local good causes. Sadly, we could only snap nine of the them – the tenth is away, undergoing repair after being vandalised (there are some truly sad people around).
The names are those shown on the plinths – I didn’t devise them…

Rain, hail and snowdrops

We needed to call into the shops in Ironbridge – “We could walk down, have lunch and walk back the long way”. We did! It’s not warm, but we soon warm up, and it feels pleasant after last week’s Siberian snowfall. There’s a possibility of showers, apparently, maybe of hail or snow – and yes, there’s hail (which bounces off) and a little rain (which doesn’t). After the rain, the skies clear – to reveal more shower clouds approaching. We’d better not hang around.

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Up the dale

Saturday 17 Feb: It was cold, but clearly it was sunny too – just a day later, before looking through the photos, I’d remembered the weather being dull. Memory plays tricks! We’re walking in the Ironbridge area, following mostly quiet roads away from the Wharfage, which is always busy. There’s always something to catch the eye in this part of Shropshire.

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Wrapped up

It’s cold this afternoon – I need a leg-stretch, but I’ll need to be well wrapped up. Perhaps the bridge at Ironbridge was cold too – it’s certainly well wrapped. I’m wondering if there might be signs of spring, but other than the bulbs coming up in the garden, the only spring I’ll see today is the ochreous flow by the iron bowl sculptures near the river bank. There’s iron in these hills – which is why the wrapped-up bridge is here…

Project Iron Bridge – English Heritage