Is this a grey day?

Seems to be. I’ll go for b&w. Inevitably, and despite the forecast, the sun decides to shine (for a while), and the camera switches itself to colour mode. Perhaps it’s trying to tell me something? For the purpose of these pictures, I’ll stick with plan A. It’s Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale, staying with the quieter, less-frequented ways.

Walking from Bedlam

It’s a handy place to leave the car! Too warm for energetic walks up hills – best to stay under the trees where possible, even if there aren’t many photo opportunities. If we walk downstream on the north bank, we can return to Ironbridge  on the south bank, along the old railway track – and we’ll have earned an ice cream by the time we’re there. Refreshments disposed of, it’s a short walk back to Bedlam, and we can do most of it away from the road.

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Can’t stay in all day, but the weather’s poor and deteriorating… The China Museum at Coalport is worth exploring – the china is astonishing! (there are those who like it). We leave at about twenty to four – already it’s becoming dark, and the rain has turned to sleet – which turns to snow as we climb out of the valley.