Dudmaston in spring

Rain is threatened – better not stray too far. A wander around Dudmaston might be pleasant? It was! Spring is really getting going here – and not just the flora. The swans on the lake are quite excited about it, and the geese are honking happily. Just out of sight in the Severn valley, the steam trains whistle as they clatter along, a far more relaxing sound than the motorcycles screaming along the A442…

Dudmaston NT

Dudmaston and the Dower House

Two pleasant and lazy afternoons after Saturday’s leg stretch. The Dower House garden is at Morville, and is open to the public on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons. The house adjoins Morville Hall, which, though a National Trust property, is not open to the general public. Dudmaston is on the other side of Bridgnorth, and at the other end of the scale – a pleasant spot for a wander around the lake. It was too warm for anything more energetic.

Dower House garden, Morville
Dudmaston Estate