Stanley Lane, the Severn and Colemore Green

Spring is coming along nicely down here in the Severn valley. Ladies’ smock beside the path, goosanders in the river and very new lambs in the field. One of the lambs, bolder and older than the others (he must be all of a couple of weeks) decides to inspect us (they usually run for it, and who can blame them…). A gentle nibble at our trouser legs convinces him that we’re not of interest, and he wanders off, unconcerned. His mother stands nearby, regarding him blankly.
After struggling through a hillside jungle (brambles and fallen trees – we’ll not use this “path” again, despite the ovine entertainment) we’re back to the lane at Colemore Green – where there’s a wayside shop with jars of local (we can see the hives 50 yards away) honey. We’d better have some of that!

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