Wyke and Benthall Edge

It was touch and go along the path from the hall to Wyke Lane – deep mud and dodgy detours. We’ll have to go the longer way round, along the road, next time. On the lane to Wyke we heard a plover  (“pee-wit, pee-wit”). It’s fine underfoot now (and the light is lovely) – until we get to the edge path, where dying ash trees are being cleared, and what used to be a winding path through the wood is a wide track for the tree-cutting machinery. Oh dear! Further along it’s fine, and we follow the usual ways to the chocolate seat, before cutting back to the lanes and paths across the fields, to return to Benthall Hall where we started.

View OS map on Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map?X=365525&Y=302445&A=Y&Z=120

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