A soft green day in border country

Friday 11 June: a walk from Llangunllo to Knighton, in weather that makes the landscape feel very soft and green. There’s dampness in the air, and for a time we have our waterproof tops on, but they’re hardly necessary. “We ought to see a red kite or two” – yes, we did! One landed on the fence, just about within camera range, and perched for a while (looking soggy and grumpy) before, with little more than a flap, gliding away, making the most of the lightest of breezes.

This is a walk of two halves – Wales and England (Shropshire). Knighton is a Welsh town, but its railway station is in England (just, a matter of yards). We leave the train at Llangunllo (Wales), and walk to the crest of the ridge of Wernygeufron, which descends very gently to the hamlet of Lloyney. There, we cross the river Teme to find ourselves in England again (at Llanfair Waterdine). A steady pull, steep in places, takes us up to Offa’s Dyke and another enjoyable ridge. Finally, a steep descent leads us down to the river once more. Walking downstream and eastwards, we find a sign: Croeso i Gymru – Welcome to Wales. Fifteen minutes later, a pint (of Shropshire beer, from Bishops Castle) is well-earned refreshment – croeso i gwrw! – welcome to ales…

View OS map on Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map?X=325225&Y=273636&A=Y&Z=126

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