Heath Chapel and Clee St. Margaret

We’re on the western slopes of Brown Clee, starting out below the hill fort and walking down the lane as far as Heath Chapel, a remarkable (grade 1 listed) little building dating from Norman times. Leaving the chapel, we head for Peckledy (a farm), from where a tree-lined track aims towards Clee St. Margaret. Beside the lane there’s much buzzing – a wild bees’ nest, which appears to have been robbed recently (the evidence is on the ground a few feet away).
Clee St. Margaret is distinguished by its unusual ford, where the brook runs along the road – and around the bend – before continuing its journey down to Corvedale. Our journey continues gently uphill, across the grassland below Nordy Bank and back to the car.

View OS map on Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=356225&Y=284720&A=Y&Z=120

2 thoughts on “Heath Chapel and Clee St. Margaret

  1. H P M

    If the lime wash was removed from Heath Chapel there would probably be some interesting wall paintings- covered up during the reformation or by Puritans I expect.

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