Three steam days

12 May 2011: a pair of Black 5s heading south-west, over the Central Wales line – we drove out to see them crossing Knucklas viaduct, on the climb to Llangunllo – and heard them long after they’d passed, until the sound was swallowed by the tunnel.
12 May 2012: three locomotives on two separate trains. 60163 “Tornado” would be coming north in the morning, and heading south again late afternoon. Meanwhile, another pair of Black 5s would be bringing a train north from the Central Wales line.
12 May 2018: Bulleid pacific 34052 “Lord Dowding” (it’s really 34046 “Braunton”) will be hauling a train southwards in the morning. After it’s passed, we’re off to visit a number of old watermills – it was “National Mills Weekend”. See “Watermills in border country

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