Cheshire Lines

We’ve been on a brief (and fairly limited) exploration of railways in Cheshire, focusing on the town of Northwich, whose railway station still looks like a railway station, complete with canopies (on ornate iron columns) and a Joyce (of Whitchurch) clock, which has stopped. Almost exactly 40 years ago – April 1979 – I was on a railtour which also stopped (briefly) at Northwich station. Standing beside the old loco shed was a line of tank wagons, which I guessed were used for storing fuel for diesel locomotives. Look at the middle two – how old are those frames? What were they originally used for? There’s an estate of modern houses where the loco shed stood. I wonder what happened to the wagons?

More photos on Geoff’s Rail Diaries: “More Cheshire Lines”

2 thoughts on “Cheshire Lines

  1. David Nield

    Hi Geoff,
    You’re quite right, the tanks were used to refuel class 25 locos used to haul the ICI limestone hopper trains from Derbyshire.
    I think the frames you refer to were originally from loco tenders.
    I don’t know what happened to the tanks when the depot closed.

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