Up the Ashes!

…to Pole Bank. Thursday 28 March – the sky is cloudless, we need an outing to enjoy this weather. Haven’t been to the Long Mynd for a little while, so we’ll go for the old favourite – up the Ashes Hollow, to its stream’s source in the Boiling Well (which is neither), on to the highest point of the Mynd at Pole Bank, then back along the ridge which eventually brings us back to Little Stretton by Small Batch (which is aptly named, a batch being a valley). Despite the weather, we have the hills almost to ourselves – I think we saw more wild ponies than people.

View OS map on Streetmap http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=342610&Y=293211&A=Y&Z=120

One thought on “Up the Ashes!

  1. J & D > Yes what a wonderful walk that would be. Our most memorable walk in our Shropshire days, was very similar to this, extended to The Bridges, the pub at Ratlinghope, for lunch. The last time we did this, it started to snow very heavily whilst we were at the pub. The walk back was mostly in snow 6in or more deep.

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