The Hope Bowdler hills are not the highest  in Shropshire, but later in the afternoon, at this time of year, they provide one of the most spectacular viewpoints for the border country. Beyond the numerous ridges, picked out in the golden light, our south-western horizon is filled by the broad table of Radnor Forest. We have to feel sorry for all the others – those who weren’t up there. We only saw three people, and one of them, a runner, didn’t really seem to be paying much attention (What is this life if, full of care…). There are one or two showers about; happily, they pass us by. It’s not all good – there’s a biting breeze, and the temperature is dropping quickly as the sun nears the horizon. We’re almost glad to get back to the car.


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One thought on “Grandstand

  1. Val

    It may have been a cold wind blowing there today but the photos still are stunning. I would trade with you ~ a gray warm humid day~ gloomy and sticky~ my least favorite weather of all. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos~ I love the area around Hope Bowlder.

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