Knighton to Bucknell

We left the car at Bucknell railway station, and caught the 1052 train to Knighton, all of 4.25 miles away (though we’ll walk more than twice that to get back). That ought to be “Knighton International” – the platforms are in Shropshire, the town (and the first few yards of our walk) in Wales. Crossing back into England, we’re soon looking down on the Teme valley, beside Offa’s Dyke, before turning right at an upland crossroads (crosspaths?) to head through high breezy grassland which ends at Bucknell wood. The descent through the woods towards the village (every bit as quiet as Clunton and Clunbury, Clungunford and Clun, apart from the occasional train) is much more pleasant than might be imagined – a good walking surface and lots of variety. There were showers about, which we mostly managed to avoid – it didn’t feel at all like early August, but it was a good day to be out on these lonely hills.

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