Mynd – or mountain?

A dry and bright day – we’re making the most of it before tomorrow’s forecast deluge. The same forecast gave us blue skies all day today – huh! The sun deigned to shine half-way through the walk, from a very low angle, putting some much-needed shape into the landscape. It was chilly, and windy – not a day for hanging around – but very pleasant, perfect for blowing away a few Christmas cobwebs.

In Welsh, the Long Mynd would be Mynydd Hir – Long Mountain – but we’re in Shropshire. About 10 miles to the north-west lies the Long Mountain. It’s in Wales. It’s interesting in the border country…

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5 thoughts on “Mynd – or mountain?

  1. Happy new Year to you and yours Geoff. Always good to see the photographic results of your ramblings, my wife and I – plus small dog – enjoy the paths and lanes in the Church Stretton, Cardington, Cressage area, perhaps we’ll meet one day? in the meantime, happy travels. Cheers, Alan

    1. Happy New Year to you, Alan, and your wife and your small dog! Keep an eye open for me and my wife (probably – as in “probably accompanying me”, that is) – and a camera (but no dog) – doubtless our paths will cross one day. Thanks for the feedback…

  2. Hi Geoff, these look some lovely walks and you have some great photographs, I came to your blog as I was searching for information about trowmen on the river Severn; I have Owen and Beard relatives who owned Trows. I saw your picture of Eustace Beard’s iron grave memorial at Benthall, I was trying to use the search function to find which post the photograph is linked to but it would not activate, please can you let me know which post and the date the photo is linked to? Thank you very much for documenting all this.
    Sue aka Fifi

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