Packetstone and Ashes

Having made a plan, one should adhere to it… This walk was going to be “Callow Hollow and…”, but when we’d followed the route through the plantation to gain access to Callow Hollow, we looked at the descent, then looked at the steep but inviting ridge ahead – and continued up the hill instead. The good path which we joined on reaching the plateau gradually fizzled out, and we eventually gained the road after struggling through tussocky heather. There is, of course, an excellent track on the southern flank of Packetstone Hill, but I’d forgotten about it…

We had debated leaving jackets in the car – although the air was cold, the sunshine in Little Stretton was comfortably warm. We got this decision right – we were glad of them on top where, when the sun dodged behind the clouds (few and far between) the breeze became a bitter wind. Dropping down into Ashes Hollow, we were out of the wind, and the late afternoon sunshine was very pleasant.


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