Clee Murk

Thursday: there was a chance that the sun might break through later in the afternoon – it was trying when we left home. It failed – though sunbeams to the south showed success elsewhere. It was cold on Clee Hill, with patches of snow, and the views weren’t great – the hills beyond Ludlow more sensed than seen. It’s not pretty up here – a bleak landscape, with much evidence of past industrial activity. But it’s atmospheric today, and the old workings are interesting. We started out from Clee Hill village, past the noisy working quarry, and headed north-eastwards to Magpie Hill. Our return was by Random Farm and the three-forked pole (see, descending from Hoar Edge (and its frost…) to the Titterstone road. From the top of the old incline, we followed the route of the railway (more industrial evidence) back towards the car. An enjoyable afternoon.

MapView OS map on Streetmap

One thought on “Clee Murk

  1. Val

    Hello Geoff, I can recall a number of days in Ludlow area looking just like this. The Clee is a weird place really isn’t it? A bit bleak for my taste but have been there a few times in a variety of weathers and it has it’s own strange appeal if that is really the right word. If you like old industrial ruins especially~ Good material for a sci-fi book or film! Some good views from there anyway when clear, as you know.

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