Chapel Lawn and Caer Caradoc

Most Salopians will know of Caer Caradoc – the hill near Church Stretton with the eponymous hill fort atop its summit. Few will be aware that there is another hill fort bearing the name Caer Caradoc, in the far south-west of the county, less than two miles from the Welsh border near Knighton. Undoubtedly less well known, it is by far the more impressive. High above the delightful hamlet of Chapel Lawn, in the Redlake valley, its earthen ramparts are steep and high. Many years have passed since the Iron Age, but those defences would still be effective today.

It’s a super viewpoint too – those ancient warriors would have had a clear view of potential aggressors long before they arrived – a great place to be on this unseasonably pleasant afternoon. Chapel Lawn is a good starting place – walkers are welcome to park in the village hall car park, according to the village website, and the eggs from the community produce stall (honesty box) look as though they are truly free-range (haven’t tried them yet).

2 thoughts on “Chapel Lawn and Caer Caradoc

  1. Graham Daly

    Thought the Stretton Caer Caradoc had the sole claim to the name in the county so intrigued to find it has a namesake elsewhere. Looks a superlative day out in the border hills – the character of the landscape very well conveyed in your photographs.

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