Coalport and the jungle

We walked down to the Severn, using paths through the woodland where possible, then along past Craven Dunnills and the site of the land stabilisation work. It’s a mess at present, but no doubt, once the work is complete, the vegetation will soon grow up again. There’s a cup of tea and a cake in the café at Maw’s, before we cross the memorial footbridge and walk beside the canal, then up to the old Coalport railway track to take us to Coalport bridge. Back on the south side, we follow the old Severn Valley railway trackbed.

We’d intended to walk back to Coalport and up the dingle (that’s the route indicated on the map below) but, just a little way before we would leave the railway route, there’s an entry into the woodland to our left, and a sign to the effect that walkers are welcome to wander in the woods. Perhaps we can take a shortcut through to the top of the dingle? The path is clear at first, but gradually fades, until we’re picking our way through dense undergrowth and following nothing more than a sense of direction. An animal started in the woodland below – the size of a large sheep. but it wasn’t a sheep. A muntjac? Gone before we had a clear view.

We found our way out, further down the dingle than I’d expected. An interesting exploration; not a short cut…


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