On the road again

At times, it feels as though the storms have been continuous – but there have been some fine days between the deluges. This afternoon’s weather was too good for staying indoors, but if the ground’s not actually under water, it’s still too wet underfoot. So – another walk around quiet lanes, out past the farm at Harnage Grange, crossing Bullhill Brook beside the ford, then up the hill to Kenley and along the ridge. The ford was almost an impasse – the footbridge was fine, but below it, the stream was straying across the road. Not a problem – no depth – feet stayed dry. There used to be some extensive views to the west from the lane along the ridge north of Kenley – sadly, they are now only really visible from the other side of the high hedge that has been planted here. Does it need to be 8′ high?

My Sunday road walk earlier in the month was quiet – how would a weekday compare? I think we passed ten moving vehicles along the five miles, no dog walkers, no joggers, no cyclists, one Chinook…

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