Clee Burf from Cockshutford

An attempt to avoid the worst of the mud, on an afternoon when it was good to be out on the hills. This one is on lanes with a decent surface at lower levels – perhaps the upper reaches might not be too waterlogged. The rough lane from Cockshutford serves a few houses high on the hillside – beyond, it’s a bit soft for 100 yards under the trees, then we’re out on the hillside, and it’s a gentle stroll on the summit ridge. Admittedly, there are one or two soggy spots which require careful circumnavigation… The cloud has cleared for a while, and a shaft of bright sunshine catches an unexpected red spot amongst the heather. The poppy wreaths have been well tied down, on the memorial to the “twenty three Allied and German airmen who died in flying accidents on the Brown Clee hills, 1939 – 1945”.

The gate just beyond the radio mast on Clee Burf provides a view to the south-east, where the Malverns catch the eye and the Cotswolds provide a grey horizon. In the opposite direction, as we begin our descent down the road serving the mast (grassy ancient tarmac), a pale tower catches the light. It’s the cement works at Penyffordd – 55 miles distant.

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