The underground city

Tuesday 22nd May: A grey start… Firstly a quick pre-lunch visit to the CFBS at Noyelles-sur-Mer, junction with the SNCF main line. After lunch, we drove inland to Naours, to visit its Cité Souterraine. The underground passages and caverns here, hollowed out over many centuries, are extensive and amazing – well worth a visit

Our return journey took us through the village of Saint-Riquier, whose abbey church, described as “flamboyant Gothic”, is certainly eye-catching. (The bread and cakes from the baker’s shop were pretty good too). The day’s cloud was starting to break as well…

By the time we’d eaten the cakes, it was a fine sunny evening – time for some local exploration beside the Somme. Sadly, all the tall trees lining the river bank (clearly visible on Google street level) have been replaced by young saplings…

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