The Wyke walk

This time yesterday it was almost 30°; today it’s barely over 20°. What a difference! The air feels cool, it’s still and humid – clammy in the shadier places – and we’d better not hang around, it’s going to rain later. The blackberries slowed us down significantly (we have to assess their quality for jam-making purposes), nevertheless, we were practically back to the start when the rain came on. One of these days, we’re going to get caught out – but not today!

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Poppies and peacocks

Taking a closer look beside the path from Barrow to Wyke and back. There are poppies in the wheat and barley, and more butterflies than we’ve seen for a long time. Most are nervous, taking flight before we’re aware of them, but others are prepared to pose, too interested in a spot of nectar to worry about passing snappers. Our walk is delayed by refreshments too – the blackberries are ripe and juicy!

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Spring at last

After lunch, the clouds cleared (as forecast) and instead of rain, warm sunshine fell on Shropshire’s sodden fields. We’d better make the most of it, it may not last… The no 18 bus to Much Wenlock gets us started, on a route which we’ve chosen in the hope of avoiding the worst of the mud (by avoiding field paths, a policy that nearly caught us out on the very quiet road near Wyke). Leaving Benthall Edge (last gasp of the Wenlock Edge) we find ourselves at Benthall Hall, where it’s warm enough to sit outside, in shirt sleeves, for tea and cakes… Suitably refuelled, it’s not far home now.

Benthall Hall NT

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