Peter Pan, Dalmunzie and the Whistling Pig

Not every visitor to the Geoffspages blog will know what they have in common. Simply, they’re all narrow gauge railway locomotives – one steam, one petrol-engined, and…. Peter Pan is well-known and well-travelled; Dalmunzie much less so, in both respects, and the Whistling Pig? Who knows? PP was in action at the Alan Keef open day today, with his friend Woto. Dalmunzie, not in working order, was on display, pre-renovation. At the nearby Lea Bailey railway, a couple of diesels coughed and chugged up and down the short-but-interesting track to the mine entrance, but the star turn was undoubtedly an EIMCO compressed air-powered mines loco, which scuttled back and forth in fine fashion, its exhaust making a curious whistling sound. Given its basic shape, the name is entirely appropriate.

A “Geoff’s Rail Diaries” page will appear in due course (but not before I’ve done the Statfold page), including video (with sound, of course) of the remarkable yellow pig.

Alan Keef Ltd
Lea Bailey Light Railway