Battles in vain…

There’s plenty of colour on the Wenlock Edge now, much of it from the far end of the spectrum – blue, indigo and violet*, in other words. There are plenty of bluebells, and violets here and there – and the early purple orchids are out. There are yellows and whites too, and of course there’s green everywhere. It must be spring!

*Richard of York gained battles in vain = the rainbow… Does everyone know that?

April on the Edge

Friday 20th April: It’s too good for indoor chores. Lots of other people had the same idea – the little NT car park was full – though we only saw three others as we walked these quiet fields and woods. Little more than a week ago, it seemed spring would never come, but there’s no doubt now.

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Just around the corner?

It’s the 1st of March on Tuesday – St David’s day, and there are signs of spring all around us as we wander down to the river, for tea and cake at Coalport youth hostel, just beside the china works. We’re about 2/3 of the way round, and their shortcake is perfect fuel for the long plod back up the hill…

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