No fog on the Tyne

Not a trace! We had a clear blue sky from dawn to dusk, a perfect day for this lengthy day out on Monday 14 May. We travelled by rail to Newcastle Central, then took the Metro out to the coast, stopping at Whitley Bay and Tynemouth stations. A fine fish and chip lunch (al fresco) kept us going for the rest of the day – the trip back to Newcastle, a quick look at Earl Grey and his street, and the journey home.

Most of the rail-related photos are on Geoff’s Rail Diaries – visit “A Tyneside trip“.

A Tyneside trip

It’s a long way from Shropshire to Newcastle (upon Tyne, that is). The train from Manchester takes just under two and a half hours for the 150-mile journey, but first we’ve got to get to Manchester. At Newcastle, we’ll take a Metro ride to Tynemouth (and its magnificent railway station). Fish and chips, eaten on the wall overlooking the North Sea, will keep us going for the rest of the day. We’ll even get a glimpse of Newcastle’s Grey Street before heading for home. It’s an early start and a late return, but on a day of cloudless blue skies, this is truly a grand day out. More to follow – this is just a taster…