Statfold; 1 megapost

Saturday 10 June: the latter is nothing to do with the former. This just happens to be the 1,000th post on this blog (which started life just over 11 years ago, on Blogspot*). What better way to celebrate (given that I noticed quite by chance that no. 1,000 was approaching) than a coincidental trip to the Statfold Barn Railway, for the June open day. It was a lazier day that usual – not good weather for photography (though the rain held off), and the increasing numbers attending make photography more and more difficult too, in more ways than one. It’s still a great day out though!

Statfold Barn Railway

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Narrow gauge heaven

Sragi No 1 and CSR 19 bustle along with a passenger train
Sragi No 1 and CSR 19 bustle along with a passenger train

It’s the Statfold June open day – and, as ever, there are narrow gauge steam locomotives everywhere. One on each end of the two trains on the new line, lots more on the old line – the freight has no fewer than four locomotives, two at each end. Haven’t attempted to count them – perhaps if I can’t get to sleep tonight (better than sheep…). A “Rail Diaries” page will appear in a day or two – in the meantime, here’s just one taster.