On Linley Hill

Another day of clear blue skies! We’d better make the most of this fine weather – tomorrow, and the next few days, will be dull, apparently. So we’re off to Linley Hill, for a circular walk via Norbury, ending with a stroll down the avenue of beech trees. They’re a notable local landmark, and for many years their shapes have enhanced this grassy ridge. Sadly, those that remain are near the end of their lives, having been planted in 1740, and have reached that stage where they’re no longer very graceful. Only a few years ago (see our last visit, “Linley Beeches” in January 2012, when the weather was rather more dramatic too), their wind-blown shapes spoke of the weather in these parts. Today, it’s the fallen branches and broken trunks which speak more loudly. Replacements have already been planted, but it will be many years before they take on the appearance of their predecessors.

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